About Fitness Marketing Group Inc

OUR VISION - is to empower Canadians to improve their quality of life and health and inspire them to lead an active and healthy lifestyle so that they may reach their maximum potential.
OUR MISSION is to provide innovative, effective and specialized education and training together with resources that promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Fitness Marketing Group was founded by Blanche Hold in 1988 and she was instrumental in introducing customized fitness music to the Canadian marketplace.  She was the team leaders for Alberta’s canfitpro Pro Trainers and in 2006 Blanche was honored to receive the 1st Can-Fit-Pro PRO Trainer of the Year award. 

FMG is always sourcing cutting edge, results driven, economical and portable fitness equipment.  FMG is proud to be the Canadian distributor for Savvier Fitness Products including the revolutionary Bender Ball ™, Gliding Discs™, Ropeless Jump Ropes- and Dyna-Band Resistance Bands - the original resistance band used by NASA Astronauts! In 2007 FMG was the 1st recipient of the Can-Fit-Pro Steve Brock Vendor of the Year Award

Education has always been a big part of our mandate - FMG provides the highest standard of training for certified health and wellness professionals and fitness enthusiasts and has delivered numerous education programs across Canada.  She is excited to partner with Savvier Fitness and bring Barre Above®, Barre Above® With Pilates Focus, Balletone® and Tabata GX™ Training Programs to the Canadian fitness professional.