Better Than Best of Bootcamp DVD

NEW DVD featuring Mindy Mylrea

BETTER THAN BEST OF BOOTCAMP - featuring Mindy Mylrea

When was the last time you called your workout intense, crazy creative, and off the charts? This DVD will help you bring that sensation back to your workouts and if you are a bootcamp instructor bring a whole playground to your bootcamp hungry crowd.

Using the toys found around even the cheapest of gyms, you will learn crazy kick-butt choreography, experience an interval workout that is an explosion for the sweat glands, and learn more drills, skills, and games then you can imagine.

This DVD includes Mindy’s favorite tried and true games, Partner Play, Station ideas, bench exercises, and an amazing drill workout, that is both cardio and strength.

Equipment Needed: Stability Ball, Playground Ball, Bench, Exercise Tubing, Bosu, Gliding Discs

Total Running Time: 100 Minutes