Blanche Hold - Fitness Marketing Group Inc

Blanche is proud to be the Canadian Event Coordinator for all Savvier Fitness Programs - Barre Above®, Barre Above® with Pilates Focus, Balletone® and Tabata GX™ and leads the Canadian Team of Master Trainers.   
Blanche has been in the health and wellness industry since1988 and is the founder of The Fitness Marketing Group Inc. She has been involved in health and wellness in many different aspects – starting out as a group exercise leader, judging for competitive sport aerobics, sourcing out innovative fitness products for the Canadian marketplace, and was instrumental in bringing customized fitness music into Canada and is still known by many as the Music Lady!  Blanche was honored to be the 1st recipient of the CanFitPro Vendor of the Year Award in 2006.  
Education has always been her passion:
  • She led the Alberta team of CanFitPro PRO Trainers for over 5 years and was the 1st recipient of the Can-Fit-Pro PRO Trainer of the Year award in 2007. 
  • In 2008 she was introduced to the Bender Ball and Gliding Discs and became the Canadian Distributor.
  • That led to her bringing the Bender Method of Training to Canada with Leslee Bender in 2008 and since then has trained thousands of health and wellness professionals via symposiums and conferences
  • Blanche is excited to again bring new revolutionary programs to Canada - Barre Above™ Classic, Barre Above™ Pilates Focus, Balletone® and Tabata GX™.  
  • She leads the Canadian Team of Master Trainers and welcomes this new venture