Host A Workshop

And Launch Tabata Bootcamp™ at Your Facility!

We want to bring Tabata Bootcamp™ to your facility!

Not only are you going to have the opportunity to launch Tabata Bootcamp™ at your facility, but you'll additionally get all the great benefits that comes with being a host location for the Tabata Bootcamp™ certification:

  • Cutting Edge Programming with Complete Ongoing Support
  • 1 FREE Tabata Bootcamp™ certification – a $300+ value!
  • Member Success and Retention – Tabata Bootcamp™ maximizes the power of small group training to create powerful results, lasting relationships and loyal members
  • A Fully Customizable Website with your club's branding to help establish accountability among participants and cement your club culture
  • No Ongoing Costs for You or Your Trainers
  • Easy Implementation and Management
  • Revenue Generating Success – A feeder into other Club programing and services
  • Exposure to A+ Talent in the Region – A great benefit for new employee recruitment
  • CEC's from Canadian & US Certifying Agencies
  • There is NO cost to host this certification!

We are going to give you everything you need to make the Tabata Bootcamp certification at your club a success, and through a team effort we can assure an amazing day of fitness education and fun!

Host A Tabata Bootcamp At Your Facility