STAFF PICK Core Connection DVD

DVD featuring Mindy Mylrea

CORE CONNECTION  - featuring Mindy Mylrea

The core is the powerhouse o the body and we should attack the core from every angle and in every way.  This DVD is jam packed with fur amazing ab and back routines using every twist and turn in the book.  Mindy will show you how ONE rep done right is better than TEN done wrong.  You will rock and roll, and twist & turn your ore with 4 different stand-alone core-chiseling challenges - use just one or combine for even more fun. 

Workout 1 - Bender Balls: Workout 2 - Gliding Disks; Workout 3 - Stability Ball and Workout 4 - Combo's with multiple toys. 

Equipment Needed:  Bender Ball, Gliding Discs, Stability Ball. Ropeless JumpRope Optional

Total Running Time: 89 Minutes