STAFF PICK- The Bender Method of One on One Personal Training

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    12/11/2017 12:00 AM
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DVD Featuring Maureen Hagan

The Bender Method of One on One Personal Training DVD - Featuring Maureen Hagan

In this amazing video, Maureen is your personal trainer guiding you through innovative exercises using the Bender Ball® to shape up your legs, buttocks, back, abdominals, chest, shoulders and arms as well as improve your balance, stability and overall body strength and stamina. Experience how effective the Bender Ball® is for enhancing mobility and flexibility; ideal for use in your warm-ups, traditional strength and stretching exercises and in developing deep core and back muscle strength necessary for a healthy back.

This workout demonstrates over 20 upper, core and lower body exercises along with coaching techniques to ensure that you perform the exercises correctly and get results faster to build use able or “functional” strength, endurance, and flexibility and overall fitness performance. 

Running Time: 64 Minutes