The Bender Ball should be a household item...

"As a gym owner for nearly 20 years and a member renewal rate of over 60% we are challenged on a regular basis to provide our clientele with the latest and greatest fitness programming and tools of the trade.   Enter the Bender Ball…almost two years ago I approached Blanche of the Fitness Marketing Group who had on display this funky mini-green ball.  Blanche mentioned that they were looking for a Master Trainer in Manitoba and to submit my bio and resume.  My first practical experience with the Bender Ball was with Libby Norris in the fall of 2009 where she did a fantastic job of introducing the Bender Ball at the MFC Conference. Needless to say I was sold within the first few minutes.  Not only because of how easy and comfortable using the Bender Ball was but how effective it was in isolating the exact muscles we were working without compromising the integrity of your spine.  This past November I traveled to Edmonton to take the training with Blanche Hold and Kathleen Maier where I received my Bender Ball Master Trainer designation for Manitoba.  

I have been using the Bender Balls in my classes and with my clients since then and our members love them…so much that we have sold over 100 Bender Balls so they an use them at home and when they travel.  In January I offered the Foundations Course as well as Selective Stabilization and the feedback from the Manitoba Fitness Leaders that were there was phenomenal…some of them were speechless with regard to how effective this little green ball is!  So, in my opinion, not only is it the best exercise tool since the step, it is inexpensive, versatile, easy to use, safe, portable, functional, comfortable, durable and the most effective piece of equipment I have ever used (personally and with clients) to help improve core stability.

The Bender Ball should be a household item…much like your tooth brush…it should also be in every gym, fitness studio, school and health club, it sells itself."

Shannon Griffith, BESS, CPT
Co-owner of Fitness Edge for Women
Bender Ball Master Trainer
Manitoba Fitness Council Past Chair