Worksite Wellness Programs are an important investment into your most important resource ....


... your employees!



A functional program at work can play a big factor in creating a healthy and safe environment - while improving the overall health and wellness of your employees! 



What Is I-Stretch - Worksite Wellness

I Stretch Worksite Wellness is a specialized "Stretch and Strengthen" Program that has been designed to meet the specific needs of employees in a commercial and/or industrial workplace environment - industrial oil sites, warehouses, manufacturing and packing plants, and more!  


I-Stretch features 4 different - 10 minute programs that can easily implemented at work - inside or out!  


Each 10 minute program focuses on "functional" and "progressive" exercise sequences and are designed so that they may be executed by the individual with little or no fitness background!    


I-STRETCH specializes in providing YOU with the training together with the tools and resources to educate your team leaders, existing and new employees!  


I-Stretch Worksite Wellness Programs